State real estate control rules are an important support for the real estate sector

Ihsan Bafaqih, Governor of the State Real Estate General Authority, confirmed that the Cabinet’s approval of the rules for controlling state real estate and removing infringements is a very important qualitative leap towards completing the system of controlling state real estate and protecting it from infringements by the various partners in the government system and strengthening the role of the State Real Estate General Authority as a partner and a major actor in cooperation with all The concerned authorities to intensify and implement efforts to monitor and verify violations and take the necessary decisions about them through the competent authorities.Ihsan Bafaqih added: These rules are also an important additional support for the real estate sector, as they constitute, along with the regulations issued in this regard, a coherent and effective legal and regulatory system to achieve transparency and devote the roles of the authority and partners in the public sector towards protecting and controlling the state’s real estate system and removing infringements, which contributes to building a reliable real estate environment supportive of sustainable development.And the Governor of the General Authority for State Real Estate stated that these rules will enable the authority and the relevant authorities to move forward in applying the principles of transparency, protection and addressing infringements, as these new rules frame the organizational and executive roles to protect and control state real estate and remove infringements according to high standards and determinants.

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