“Ejar”: 1.5 million beneficiaries until the end of the first quarter of 2021

The “Ejar” program announced an increase in the number of beneficiaries of the electronic network of rental services since the beginning of the program until the end of the first quarter of 2021, exceeding 1.5 million beneficiaries whose residential or commercial contracts have been documented in all regions of the Kingdom, revealing its experimental launch of the upgraded version of “Ejar”, which includes documenting contracts Through the network directly and the use of the payment channel “mada” and other new features.

The program indicated that the beneficiaries of the network varied between renters, landlords and real estate brokers. Noting that “Ejar” documents all types of rental contracts (residential and commercial) and allows all parties in the public and private sectors to benefit from them in order to provide value-added services that take into account the needs of beneficiaries of the real estate rental sector and enhance the confidence of investors in the rental sector.

And the growth of the number of users of the network is due to the activation of reliable and flexible services provided by the program and continuously developed to enable use of them at any time and place through easy and clear steps. Pointing out that the technical link between “Ejar” and the systems of a number of government agencies contributed to the increase in the demand for contract documentation.

It is noteworthy that the program recorded a growth in the number of documented lease contracts during 2020 by about 112% compared to 2019. The program aims to organize and stimulate investment in the real estate market, enhance transparency in rental transactions between all parties and enable beneficiaries to view the data provided by the network


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