Durrat Al Mousa – Riyadh

Durrat Al Mousa – Riyadh

Saturday November 24th, 2018


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Al Mousa Trading Complex – Tabuk

A large commercial complex in the city of Tabuk with a variety of exhibitions activities

Land King Fahad road

Commercial land located on King Fahad road and King Abdullah Road opposite the Sheraton Hotel from the West were buying it as an investment opportunity in that period where the prices of land in King Fahd Road is witnessing a steady growth and is fast and was filtered after a year of buying it at a profit amounted to 28%

Taba Center

The project is a com mercial building consisting of showrooms and offices located in Prince Sultan Street in Al Khobar and land area the total 42600 square meters and the current building is built on 10,000 sq uare meters and will build the company in the rema ining land residentia I complex closed consisting of 400 residential units and development offices tower to the building in addition to all hotel facilities and recreation facilities

The land of Hair

A commercial land is located on the way to Al-Ha’ir in Riyadh was buying it as an investment opportunity good price of homes in that period, and filtered after 12 months on the purchase by profit amounted to 121%

Plex Narges

It is a Plex residential daffodils and characterized by its proximity to the Princess Noura University and the Riyadh airport and in the middle of Prince Salman road .

Almousa View- Riyad

The hotel planned on the Western Ring next to a neighborhood area west and consists of two parts separated by a Western Ring and the space available for use 773 thousand square meters are currently working to develop the infrastructure of the project includes asphalt and stones and pavers, landscaping, sanitation, water, electricity, and analysis of the horoscope of pressure to the cable of the ground in preparation to ask the land developer for sale


Jeddah city view

Features draft ( city view ) enjoys a strategic location in the north of the city of Jeddah to discuss the easy access to any destination you mean by the connection is direct in the way the two letters that make of the city view are placed in various only a few minutes from the main monuments of the city of Jeddah, whether accessed from several directions .

A branch of the University of King Abdul Aziz new 12 minutes .

Sharm Obhur 10 minutes.

Airport 15 minutes .

A Arabian 20 minutes .

Close-up of the project ( water tower ) to His Royal Highness Amerie bin Talal Al Saud .

From the City head north and bypass the exit of the North Terminal and stores sailed.

From the City head north and then exit Asfan of the dispute on the ring road ( highway ) to the South .

Resorts Amuriyah – riyadh

Marketing Plan No. 629 ِAmuriyah Resorts Fund

Al Hamra Plan – Tabuk

700.000 square meters
The plan was a land on the road to the base and adjacent to it and the development of the plan in full and comprehensive development has formed the company’s implementation of this project a leap in the real estate sector in the area of Tabuk, both in terms of investment or quality where the region was not an investment target before that and the percentage of dividends distributed 100% During a period of 18 months

Amariyah Project

Been buying the ground and that was for agricultural use and conversion to commercial use and residentia I and the design of the project there was a need to build a bridge to facilitate access to the site and needs a long time to design and approve it sold the land at a profit amounted to 85P« within 18 months

Al Nozha Project

The project is located between the three main streets and commercial and is Abu Bakr Siddique Rd and Othma n bin Allan Rd and Prince Mouqrn Street and was developed to be fully commercialized and provide all the basic services and parks and playgrounds

The plan of the ِAlnuwria of Mecca

The plan is located in Makkah area north-east of the city
of Makkah in the area of ​​Umrah, bordered to the south by Umm al-Qura 1.
Main routes of the scheme:
Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Road.
– Fourth Ring Road to the south.
– Fifth ring road (future) north.
Streets planned:
– Commercial street width of 30 m, from the east.
– Residential street width of 20 m from the west.
– Residential street with a width of 15 m from the north and south sides.
– All internal streets width of 15 m.

Services Plan:
– Provide (water and sanitation) services for each piece plan.
– Electricity services.
– Asphalting of the entire streets in the scheme.

Schema approval number: K / 32/52

Cutting areas: Starting from 475 to 820 m2

Number of balconies 8 balconies Number of pieces 71 residential plots in addition to 8 commercial pieces

Services: Mosque + gardens + kindergarten

Roles and construction ratio:
– First: Commercial parts: Commercial role + 3 roles repeated + supplement
Second: Residential plots: the role of parking places + ground floor = 2 recurring role + extension
– Percentage of construction (65%) for the ground floor and (75%) for the repeated role and (50%) for the role of the supplement

Tower Mathaba Mecca

The land of the project is located in Al-Tayseer neighborhood in Jarwal, along the Jabal Al-Kaaba road, which is connected directly to the Haram and no more
About 057 m. The site has access to the sanctuary either through Jabal Al-Kahba Street or through the tunnels of sight and the performance of Yashira
To the Haram al-Sharif.