vv As a result of the first examination of the quality of construction within the course of individual construction

vv As a result of the first examination of the quality of construction within the course of individual construction

Friday November 23rd, 2018


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The Trend to allow the construction of prefabricated houses by 2020

The Ministry of Housing is considering allowing citizens to build their units using modern technology by 2020, by facilitating the granting of licenses for prefabricated houses, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
“The subject is still under study to develop the main frameworks and parameters and to identify legislation related to this matter in partnership with the relevant authorities,” said Saif al-Suwailem, spokesman for the ministry.
On the requirements of the use of rapid construction technology and whether it will be within the specific residential complexes isolated from the traditional building complexes or according to the desire of the beneficiary, he stressed that it is not required to be in isolated complexes, and will be according to the desire of the beneficiary and in accordance with the requirements required and the code of building Saudi Arabia.
He explained that since the adoption of the plan to stimulate the private sector has been working and search for the best and best construction techniques around the world in line with the local nature and the desire of citizens, adding that the ministry aims to pump thousands of housing units within the projects in partnership with qualified developers.
He pointed out that this type of construction will contribute to the provision of more quality housing and the appropriate price, and in less time compared to traditional construction methods.
The Ministry of Housing estimated that the share of the Ministry of Housing’s projected construction capacity in the Ministry’s housing projects would be between 30 and 50 per cent of the Ministry’s total projects by the end of 2020.
The ministry indicated to the “Economic” earlier that the prices of these units ranged from 200 to 700 thousand riyals, where completed the first projects that adopt the method of modern construction techniques, within the project housing Riyadh, during the period announced by the ministry in advance, set by 35 days , Taking into account their conformity with the quality standards complying with the Saudi Construction Code.
“Housing” has adopted the “quick building” technique to qualify and adopt a number of new international technologies, which aim to raise the quality of the construction process and reduce the time required to finish the construction process and reduce the total cost of the Ministry’s projects. On quality.
This technique is characterized by its technical and design quality, shortening the period of construction compared to traditional construction and its low cost. The ministry seeks to attract such advanced construction techniques and subject it to a series of technical tests in cooperation with the relevant authorities and to verify their potential for future projects in partnership with the private sector. In addition to the usual traditional construction, and thus contribute to the provision of more housing units of different options and quality and price appropriate to all groups of society ranging from 200 thousand to 700 thousand riyals.
The Ministry has accelerated its steps to implement the “Quick Building” initiative in its residential projects within its programs to achieve the “Vision 2030” to overcome the obstacles it faces towards providing housing to citizens through the adoption of intelligent solutions in the organization, financing, construction, and shortening of time and cost after achieving the requirement of compatibility With Saudi construction code to become a new option for housing applicants.
The Ministry’s approach to the adoption of fast-built buildings will benefit developers from these initiatives and innovations to become national companies to enter the prefabricated prefabricated concrete projects. In addition to their activities, the company will benefit from the expertise of US companies that adopt high technical specifications. In the field of housing and works on the development and transfer of modern construction techniques and related industries, training the professional cadres necessary for their operation and maintenance, as well as benefiting from successful experiences in the implementation of housing plans and policies, Implementation of housing in the hip projects in different categories, and also encourage real estate developers to enter into various housing programs sector.
The building will provide citizens with various housing solutions to break the monopoly barrier practiced by some real estate companies and some companies. There are international systems that have been applied and developed over the past decades. They have guarantees that preceded the advanced countries such as America, Europe, China, hurricane-bearing, Fire-resistant and long-lasting fire resistant, with easy maintenance of electricity and plumbing at the lowest cost, most of which are not available in existing dwellings, the portable ceiling system without columns, or the wall-bearing walls without columns, the system of these houses with steel and poly-styrene With an excellent insulation system, a global system built by skyscrapers, and a fast galvanized construction system.

Municipality of governorate of Bischoff used grantees terrestrial residential in scheme 54

Use the municipality of the province of Bishkek citizens grantees for terrestrial residential in scheme 54 in the governorate, working to finish the actions necessary to customize pieces their own residential.

Demanded of the country, the grantees and the speed of the product to finish the procedures for turning them to write a fair conservative for the issuance of the arguments of tightening their own

«Ejar»: the completion of the commercial contract soon .. And the dependence of «justice»

The Ministry of Housing, represented by the program “Rent”, near the completion of the commercial lease, and announced soon, as it is expected to be approved by the Ministry of Justice.
“The ministry is working on linking the electricity service bills, in the name of the beneficiary automatically, once the contract is signed in the network, in cooperation with the Saudi Electricity Company,” said Mazen al-Daoud, general supervisor of real estate organization at the Ministry of Housing.
He pointed out that the number of intermediaries registered in a rental network of about 10400 intermediaries, indicating that the numbers are increasing continuously, because of the benefits of the network and its advantages, which preserves the right of parties to the process of leasing from real estate broker, lessor and tenant.
“The real estate broker registered on the network can enjoy many of the advantages offered by the network from the management of rental operations remotely and at any time. It can also monitor the performance of its establishment and its employees. The program also provides the application of real estate agents for smart devices, which includes a list of all licensed real estate brokers, Access to them “.
He pointed out that more than a thousand contracts are documented daily at the present time, in order to benefit from the advantages of the electronic network of rental services, as the rental system stimulates the parties to the process of rent to document their contracts and new free of charge until the end of the year 2018.
“The tenant and the lessee can document their paperwork free of charge on the network by visiting the real estate broker, who signed the paper contract and documented it in the network in four steps in a few minutes without the need to pay the real estate broker. Periods available in the network “.
The contract can be renewed automatically without the need to make any move, with the same benefits of the previous contract without the need to visit the real estate broker or pay a quest, in addition to many other services and benefits.
On the direct link between government agencies in linking their contracts through the network system “rent”, Mazen Al-Daoud explained that the electronic network of rental services is integrated, in order to provide its services with the National Information Center and the Ministries of Justice and Trade and the Saudi Post and others, indicating that the rental network is ready for integration with all Government Services, which provides a service to inquire about leases to all parties.

As a result of the first examination of the quality of construction within the course of individual construction

The Ministry of Housing’s Sustainable Construction Program revealed that it had conducted the first quality building inspection carried out by a Saudi engineer who completed the program requirements by obtaining the required training course through the Real Estate Institute.
Engineer Al-Faheem Ibrahim Al-Tamimi conducted the first inspection of the quality of building approved, which benefited Khaled Al-Mutairi as the first citizen to provide this service, confirming the continued receipt of applications for examination to benefit from this service through the program’s website.
The program aims to provide a mechanism to help the next citizen to build a housing unit to verify the quality of the construction work and ensure that it meets the requirements and requirements of the Saudi Building Code and the international standards of quality, based on the Ministry’s vision to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable housing environment.
On this service and how to get it, the first citizen who benefited from it said that access to the service is distinctive and easy, as there is no need to review the ministry, since all the steps of the electronic work, indicating that he was contacted within an hour of submitting the electronic application.
Al-Mutairi pointed out that this service was like a dream for him, which was achieved because the previous situation had many obstacles and the absence of quality and proficiency, stressing that this service was a requirement for every citizen, while offering his advice to citizens to benefit from the service to ensure the quality of their homes. .
He pointed out that one of the advantages of this service is to obtain a certificate of quality inspection of the building after completion of the examination stages. Al-Mutairi also urged all citizens to follow suit to ensure the quality of the building and to preserve the citizen’s right to a sound building of high quality.
Engineer Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, who is considered the first certified examiner in the construction quality inspection service, urged engineers to join the program, especially as it does not require an official job vacancy. It is also an additional income. It also serves the development of residential buildings in the right way. And called on citizens to benefit from this service, which is a short and accurate way to reach the desired results to raise the quality of construction.
Mr. Mazen Al-Daoud, General Supervisor of the real estate organization said that this phase of the service is initially applied to residential buildings for individuals who are coming to build in the city of Riyadh.
“This service will increase the quality and reliability of residential buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs for the citizen, and help reduce potential structural risks and costs.
The Sustainable Construction Program provides a service through an electronic platform to ensure the quality of the building as it passes through all stages of the main examination in accordance with the standards of the program conform to the Code of Saudi construction.